"The lessons helped me to sing correctly, and it has given me an insight into the way you can control and project your voice...I chose you because you sounded friendly, rather than someone who was stern with no personality!" 


"My confidence has improved alot and my performances on stage and in the studio are far better now"    

SACHACIRCLE.jpg"I've never had singing lessons before, but these are great fun...I would definitely recommend them to other people!" 

"The methods used have been clearly explained and demonstrated, and were easy to understand....I feel lucky to have found someone who can show me how to sing properly, taking it at a pace to suit me" 

"I really enjoy my lessons and they're fun, but I can tell I'm learning alot...I sound so much better!"  

"You are very good at handling people and I really appreciate you coming to my gigs and introducing me to other pupils...I was terrified of singing in front of other people, now I do it all the time!"